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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

When the days are short, skies grey and the rain around the corner, the Royal Botanic Garden is a safe place to come for a walk & talk session. What's more, it gives a variety of relevant subjects for a nutritionist to talk about!

Preparations for the Christmas light shows... There is always something to see and admire (or take lots of photos if you're like me :).

Bridging the Halloween to Christmas Season!

First frosts, compact snow flake crystals beauty... a real ice coating, not an unhealthy sugary fake!

Victorian Glasshouse next to a supermodern industrial shelter.

Early January between 2-3pm...  how low the Sun is!

Taken early February, Cavolo di Nero, or black kale, survives the Scottish Winter and is one of the most nutritious types of Brassica family of "cabbage" plants.

Revisiting the garden in May, colours are coming back and even the smallest patch is offering a variety healthy fresh herbs.