Granton Harbour Walks

One beautiful day among many cloudy and wet ones... and unplanned walk (they seem to be the best!)

From the Granton Square, we had two options. To turn to the left, pass the new development site and walk all the way to the wast beaches at Gypsy Brae towards the Cramond. This is a very quiet, but also a longer walk.

This time, we decided to take the shorter East route towards Newhaven, passing the Breakwater wall (a walk on its own) along the (unfortunately) very busy road until we could turn to the lighthouse and rest. It is worthwhile as the path continues along the peaceful shore. There are options to get shelter or rest if needed.

Why to walk?

We all know that walking is good for us? Right? We also know WHY, vaguely...  Yet still, most of us spend majority of our lives sitting.  Sitting at work, at home, in the car, on the bus or train, even bike has got a seat!?
Watch this video with Dr. John Bergman, the chiropractor, and it will literally lift you of your chair!

HIGHLANDERS DIET (a Gaelic Scotland Nutrition Walk)

"Nowhere will you find people of robuster physique, higher spirited, or longer lived, more active in their old age and later in reaching it, than among the Highlanders; and that in spite of their entire dependence on cheese, flesh and milk. In the variety and delicate flavour of our meat we can bear comparison with the greatest countries."

Sir Thomas Craig (1603, De Unione Regnorum Britannia Tractatus),
translation by Charles Sanford Terry (1909, 446-47)


I do not suggest we ditch plant food and load up on dairy & meat. Please try to look at “Highlanders diet” from a higher perspective. I personally eat half of my food by volume in form of vegetables and 90% plant-based. If I choose meat and dairy, it’s usually local, home-made, leftover bones (aimed for pet food, here in the UK) or at least organic. My worst health problems always followed after periods of vegan or vegetarian diets. I respect all living creatures and do not differentiate between a fluf…

Happy New Year 2019

A very happy and healthy new year to all!

Two-bus journey away from the busy Central Belt of Scotland. What a treat!

Photos taken by my second-hand £80 smartphone. Location: Pitlochry, the Hill above the Lettoch Farm and the river Garry. Walk difficulty: easy enough but all paths can be dangerous when frozen. Walks can be adjusted to take 2-4 hours.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

When the days are short, skies grey and the rain around the corner, the Royal Botanic Garden is a safe place to come for a walk & talk session. What's more, it gives a variety of relevant subjects for a nutritionist to talk about!

Preparations for the Christmas light shows... There is always something to see and admire (or take lots of photos if you're like me :).

Bridging the Halloween to Christmas Season!

First frosts, compact snow flake crystals beauty... a real ice coating, not an unhealthy sugary fake!

Victorian Glasshouse next to a supermodern industrial shelter.

Early January between 2-3pm...  how low the Sun is!

Taken early February, Cavolo di Nero, or black kale, survives the Scottish Winter and is one of the most nutritious types of Brassica family of "cabbage" plants.

Revisiting the garden in May, colours are coming back and even the smallest patch is offering a variety healthy fresh herbs.

Secret Herb Gardens

Feeling oneness with all life around .... early Summer walks.

The above photos are from "real" Secret Herb Garden here in Edinburgh. Great walk along the relatively quiet road (avoid traffic hour and Fridays!), walking from the foot of Pentlands at Hillend towards Ikea. By the way, we did return to Secret Herb Garden in November and had some of their lovely kale leftovers (in form of garlic-kale chips, they were fantastic, never mind healthy)!

Below is my own secret miniature garden and few radishes before the slugs had chance to feast on them all.

Another walk along the Union Canal to the Ratho Climbing Centre and those amazingly blue poppy flowers and sudden torrential rain were taken in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden.