Secret Herb Gardens

Feeling oneness with all life around .... early Summer walks.

The above photos are from "real" Secret Herb Garden here in Edinburgh. Great walk along the relatively quiet road, walking from the foot of Pentlands at Hillend towards Ikea. By the way, we did return to Secret Herb Garden in November and had some of their lovely kale leftovers (in form of garlic-kale chips, they were fantastic, never mind healthy)!

Below is my own secret miniature garden and few radishes before the slugs had chance to feast on them all.

Another walk along the Union Canal to Ratho Climbing centre.
Those amazingly blue poppy flowers and sudden torrential rain, were experienced in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden.

Enjoy the fresh beauty of early Summer time and those looong looong days! Use them well!

Caledonian Canal and Nairn Beach

A very cold Spring time last year up North of Scotland.  Very cold but also extremely fresh, it felt as it was an excess of oxygen in the Air up there...

Gosford Sands 2

More of a geologists' paradise, this is a part 2 of a long, April beach walk, with sun kissed rocks, minerals, fossils and faces. All in one.

Gosford Sands

A long planned long walk. As its full of geologists' jewels, if you're not into such things, skip this one :)

Had to wait around 10 years, cos of my CFS health problems, to be fit enough to get the buses plus train and walk this far (and also have energy left to return...). It turned out, all this waiting was well worth it!